Travango Holidays ( Leading Tours & Holidays Package Brand )

TRAVANGO HOLIDAYS- Our model allows passionate experts to operate their own travel shop with the support of world-class technical and operational support team. We all benefit from the huge economies of scale. Constant product and technological innovation. It’s growing the Global brand.

About us :- TRAVANGO HOLIDAYS, the business is driven by the highest professional and ethical standards, we offer customized service, underlined by personalized attention and care. We make sure that you go back with a truly unforgettable experience and a bagful of happy memories to cherish.

Tours & Travel Business Opportunity

(A)-Travel sector has been a big boom and only segment which has not been affected during any difficult period, even in recession.

(B)-Travel early was for the luxury product but in today’s world, it’s the need of the hour and a right time to get into.

(C)- Destination Wedding. Pre Wedding Tours etc are also increasing day by day.

(D)-  Majority of the Film Shoots like Bollywood, Tollywood etc are

(E)- All majorly shot in different parts of India and World.

(F)-Sports Tourism on the verge of peak

(G)-Pilgrimage Tours are also in demand and gives an opportunity to serve piligrimists and opening door for US.

(H)- Every School is also conducting overnight tours, study tours giving us an edge to cater to them

(I)- Honeymoon tours are also in high demand. And almost 85% of

(J) – Wedding couple opt.

Why Travango Holidays :-

(A)-One Line Tour Price, Always All Inclusive. No Additions – No Confusion, No Hidden Costs.
(B)- No Advertising Gimmicks. No Optional Sightseeing. No Extra Expenses to be paid on tour.
(C)- Driver and Guide Tip Included in the tour price.
(D)- Guarantee of ‘Carry Zero Money On Tour’.
(E)- Comfortable AC Luxury Coaches, Maximum sightseeing included.
(F)- Delicious Indian Meals, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner -all Meals Included.
(G)- Lots of Entertainment on tour, hassle-free travel.
(H)-Professional & Caring Tour Leader throughout the tour.
(I)-Thousands of Satisfied Tourists year after year, every year.
(J)-Brand Range of World Wide Tours.
(K)-Tours suitable for Every duration consisting of 3 to 40 days with many combinations.
(L)-Tours suitable for Every Budget, starting from 5 thousand to 10 lakh.
(M)-Tours for Every Lifestyle – luxury tours, upgraded tours, cost saver tours, Tailor made Holidays.
(N)-Tours suitable for Every Age Group, from 7 to 70 years of age.
(O)-Tours Designed for Special Groups like students, seniors, honeymooners, ladies, corporate and so on.
(P)-1000+ Families who have utilised servcies.

Our Services: 

(A)- Airline Reservation

(B)- Hotel Reservation

(C)-Domestic Tour Packages

(D)-International Tour Packages

(E)- Visa Servcies

(F)-Forex Assistance

(G)- Travel Insurance

(H)-Corporate Tours

Why Travango Holidays  Franchisee :-

(A)- Fast growing brand

(B)- Enable to provide all kind travel services to the clients as per their requirements

(C)-Quality Leads allotted with 20% Conversion provision

(D)- Varied travel products readily available to sell

(E)- SMS Blast / Email Blast and Digital marketing on behalf of the Franchisee Partner

(F)- Highest Commission on packageszz ever given in the industry

(G)- Most Competitive rates so as to enable to be competitive to a client for ensuring better closures

(H)-Return on Investment within 12 months

(I)- Weekly Training and Assesment, Directions to get aligned for business expansion

(J)-Travel Familiarisation Programmes so as to enable you to handle all kinds of situation

(K)- Recreational Programmes Half Yearly and Annually

Advantages Of Travango Brand Franchisee :-

(A) Training Programs

(B) Standard Operating Procedures

(C) Self Booking Tool

(D) Support Helpline

(E) Website Listing

(F)- 24*7 Brand Support

(G) Marketing Consultation

(H) Local Advertising Support

(I) Best-in-class’ Commissions 

(J) Relationship Manager 

Brand is offering franchise opportunities across the India…. lets join hands with most profitable brand 

Team, Travango Holidays 

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