Ekam Yoga ( Wellness By Yoga )

About Brand :- Ekam Yoga® Franchise is a great opportunity for those who wish to teach yoga professionally, but don’t have much prior business experience. With our proven yoga business model you will be able to jump start your yoga school in the best possible way. Our goal is to help people turn yoga into their lifestyle as well as a full time career.

Founder Of Brand :- Mr. Singhvi is visionary, evolutionary thought Business Leader, with entrepreneurial and social change trailblazer.

Yogacharya Dhakarama :- An ardent learner and a dedicated guru,he is dedicated in healing through yoga. is a prominent personality who lives Yoga.He is excellent Yoga teacher and healer with everlasting smiles on his face which makes him and his teaching very special.

Yoga as an opportunity for franchisees

(A)- Yoga as a multi-million dollar opportunity has been capitalized by very few players.

(B)- As India begins to move away from the machine methods of fitness and looks for natural avenues. Yoga is fast emerging as the biggest avenue of opportunities for entrepreneurs looking for growth.

(C)- We shall not help you to become rich overnight but shall work with you side by side to ensure break even in 1½ years and then steady cash flow for years to come.

Statistics on YOGA

(A)-36 million active ‘YOGIS’ in America.

(B)-300 million is the estimated number of yoga practitioners worldwide.

(C)-72% yoga practitioners are female.

(D)- 30-49 year olds are the most yoga active age group.

(E)-A recent study shows an increase in annual spending on yoga classes, clothing, equipment and accessories over the past four years.

(F)-$80 billion spent worldwide on yoga each year.

USP of Ekam Yoga

(A)- World class Yoga Teachers Training Academy;

(B)- Yoga therapies with audio visual presentations;

(C)- Patients from all over the world come for treatment;

(D)-Specially designed yoga props for premium experience;

(E)-One of its kind Yoga centers with modern amenities;

(F)-Yoga Classes with Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha Yoga &Iyenger Yoga flows;

(G)-Be a part of over 81,000 healthy and happy people world-wide.

Reasons – Why should you invest in ‘Ekam Yoga ‘ Franchise

(A)- Lowest capital investment in this segment under INR 35 lakhs

(B)-Franchise empowerment through our strong advertising and marketing support

(C)- Assistance in suitable location selection and interior design

(D)- Assistance with supply of trained therapists team

(E)- Continuous Yoga & Therapists Consultation & Customer Service Support to ensure a uniform brand experience.

Advantages of the Brand Franchise :

(A) A well known brand

(B) Low investment & High returns

(C) Growth oriented transparent work policies

(D) Offering profitable franchise opportunity across the Jaipur

(E) Complete pre & after opening support    

(F) Extremely low start-up costs

(G) Full Training & Support

(H) Exclusive Territories

Brand is Offering Franchisees Across the Jaipur

Team , Ekam Yoga


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